Fragrant Houseplants

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to enhance your living spaces. You can still reap the rewards of flower gardening without the challenges of outdoor environmental conditions. Indoor plants offer all kinds of important health, wellness, and aesthetic benefits.

One such benefit is the inviting aroma that many types of houseplants produce. Imagine walking into your home after a hard day at work and becoming instantly relaxed by the fresh, natural scent of your flowering houseplants.

If this image is appealing to you, then check out these seven popular aromatic houseplants that you can work into your indoor home gardening décor.


GardeniasNot only are gardenias one of the best flowering houseplants, but they also emit a strong floral scent. Gardenias are a lovely addition to your home décor, with their dark green leaves, and beautiful white blossoms. There are several dozen different gardenia species, each with its own unique care requirements.

As a rule of thumb, assume your gardenia needs high humidity, bright light, and constantly moist soil. Stay on top of your gardenia care and water it regularly, as these plants can easily succumb to environmental changes.


JasmineJasmine is popular as a houseplant because it can bloom year-round, as long as it receives the proper care. Arabian jasmine produces a light floral scent and smaller white blossoms.

Jasmine plants should be placed on a windowsill, as it requires full and direct sunlight. You should also water it on a regular basis. A healthy jasmine plant will continue to blossom if it receives steady air circulation. As it continues to grow, ensure that it’s properly supported with stakes. 


lavenderWith their elegant purple-colored blossoms, lavender houseplants are a wonderful addition to your home décor. They produce a pleasant and sweet aroma and are great for growing indoors.

Place your lavender plant on a windowsill to ensure plenty of exposure to light. Lavender is fairly low-maintenance when it comes to watering routines — it requires infrequent but deep watering to promote healthy growth.


EucalyptusThough the eucalyptus is a tree, it also makes for a beautiful houseplant that you can display indoors. This tree is known for its refreshing fragrance emitted from its gray and blue leaves.

The primary care instruction with a eucalyptus tree is to ensure it receives enough water. It is notorious for its quick water absorption, so be sure to stay on top of it.


OrchidsOrchids are the perfect houseplant to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Beyond their aesthetic value, many orchids are also lovely houseplants to select if you’re looking to add a fresh scent to your home.

With so many varieties of orchids to choose from, like the Brassavola Nodosa or the Oncidium, be sure to select the right one for your climate. Orchids need lots of light to thrive indoors, and most varieties need extra watering in the spring and summer.


For a low-maintenance perennial aromatic houseplant, hyacinths are a great option. These plants, which originated in the Mediterranean region, bloom for several weeks, creating a thick, fragrant scent.

The bell-shaped flowers come in white, blueish purple, pinks, and sometimes yellow. Be careful when handling the bulb as it might cause a skin reaction, so be sure to keep away from pets and kids.


GeraniumsFor another easy-to-maintain houseplant, choose the geranium. Scented geraniums emit their fragrance when the leaves are touched. They come in a multitude of scents, reminiscent of spices and other plants such as mint, lavender, lemon, and oak.

In caring for geraniums, be sure to water them regularly and give the plants full drainage through the soil. They also require plenty of sunlight.

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