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We understand that buying the best trampoline is not an easy task, as there are different aspects to be considered before you can make your purchase decision. Here, we will take a lot at some of the main features customers want in the trampolines they buy.

But first, you should be able to answer some of the following questions:

What are you trying to use the Trampoline For?

Before making the final decision, it is crucial to determine the type of usage the trampoline is being bought for. That is where the age groups, household segmentation, and individual goals play an imperative role.

Family Trampolines

Family Trampolines

They are usually made with a versatile use in mind across different ages. So these are not too big, are mostly round and evenly spread the force. Family trampolines are also known as mini trampolines or rebounders.

Water Trampolines

Water Trampolines

People who are interested in taking watersports to the next level should try some of the different water trampoline options. They are springless and float in water and can be great fun for people who love to be a part of pool parties and are interested in beach adventures.

Kid Trampolines

These are smaller in size, round and come with extra padding and enclosure netting. Frames can also be made of plastic.

Olympic Trampolines

Olympic Trampolines

Large, rectangular trampolines with extra padding to reduce impact. They require great skill to maintain control so should not be used by the common man.

Are you Buying the Safest Trampoline?

All the Top rated trampolines in the market give high importance to safety. The safest trampoline should be smoothly welded and should not accidentally cut people during a bounce. It should have a sturdy metal frame with smooth, rustless pipe edges.

If you are opting to buy a Spring trampoline, then it should have covered springs, or if it is for kids that you should look for a trampoline that is springless, less bouncy to add safety for children.

Safety is also considered to be the number one consideration of most parents buying the best trampoline for their children. It is of utmost importance that the kids stay safe and secure while jumping on their trampolines. When buying for young children aged 3 – 10, look for trampolines that offer bounce protection as well as safety enclosures.

Are Size And Placement Important?

Where you will place the trampoline will decide the size and shape of your trampoline, and hence, also the cost.

For example, if you have a huge backyard with a family of 5 to 10 members then you should look at the Skywalker trampoline with a full enclosure that is considered to be the best trampoline for backyards.

It has a lightning-quick Enclosure System installation set-up with no bolts, screws, brackets, braces or pole caps. Push-pin technology allows for a fast, easy setup and break-down of the trampoline’s frame and enclosure system.

Getting Familiar with Different Shapes

There are four basic geometric designs for trampolines. Each has its own strengths and different shapes are best suited for distinct uses.

Round Trampoline

Round Trampoline

This type of trampoline is advised for kids below the age of 6. Parents don’t need to worry all the time since this is probably the safest trampoline so far and children can use it freely.

It is decreasing the chances of injury because of the spring circular setup that pushes jumpers towards the middle of the mat. The highest build generally is 18tf.

Rectangular Trampoline (like the Olympians jump on)

Rectangular Trampoline

Competitive trampolinists and skilled gymnasts use this kind of shape. They are taking more space than previous trampoline shapes and are more expensive. This shape provides the best and most powerful bounce and gives professional jumpers the height and length that acrobatic activity demands.

Square Trampoline

Square Trampoline

This type of model offers a combination of benefits for both rectangular and round trampolines. More bouncing than a round trampoline, offer large jumping area and are much safer than their rectangular counterparts. They are a very good choice for those people who have less space and want a powerful bounce since they take up less room than the rectangular model.

Octagon – a novelty?

It usually provides a little more jumping space, and it’s a lot like a circular model. Instead of an octagonal model people are better off getting a rectangular or round trampoline, simply because they are much more costly.

Oval Trampoline

Oval Trampoline

The oval trampolines I found had a bigger usable surface than a similar round trampoline. The user has a broader jumping surface from one side to the other, while maintaining the self-centering feature of the round shaped trampoline. As with all large trampolines, it takes additional effort to obtain a big bounce with the oval units.

What Type of Bounce are You Looking For?

Selecting the type of bounce is crucial as a lot of people show their resentment if their trampoline is not bouncy enough to meet their jumping routines. This holds true for the kids as well as adults.

Having the right type of bounce from the trampoline is important for your children as it can protect them from sustaining any injury or falling out of the trampoline. That is where the Bazoongi kid’s bouncers are so good as they provide just the right kind of bounce for the kids, keeping them safe from all the possible accidents while jumping.

As an Adult depending on the body’s stamina, you should choose between hard rebounders and soft rebounders. If you’re looking for a way to exercise outdoors, the Hard Bounce Rebounders category is suited for gymnasts who like a challenge. These trampolines are made from resilient, hard-wearing material that gives a solid, hard bounce, allowing you to stretch your muscles and exercise your body.

The 36 coil springs are rust-resistant, durable and made from premium wire, offering extra springiness to your jumps.

What Makes a Trampoline Best For kids?

Apart from the age group and skill set which is a significant factor in determining the suitability of a trampoline. Some of the other factors that have been listed below can not be ignored while making the purchase decision.

  • Safety and control of bounce.
  • Choosing between covered or springless versions of different trampolines.
  • Determining whether accessories like a ladder and enclosure netting are needed.

What Makes a Best Family Trampoline?

Did you know that trampolining can be a great family activity? It’s both healthy as it allows you to exercise your muscles, and fun because you and your kids can do jumping sessions together!

We have added some top suppliers to our portfolio of best trampolines such Zupapa Trampolines which brings you the Giant Square Trampoline, which measures 15’ x 15’ and can accommodate your entire family.

It can be installed outdoors in the sun, so your kids will get healthy doses of vitamin D as they play and hence can be considered be one of the best outdoor trampolines, Featuring a top-grade Permatron mat, a high quality galvanized steel frame and 116 ultra-bouncy springs. This trampoline is the perfect addition to homes with young kids.

However, due to its high durability, superior design, and spring less jumping capabilities.

The Thunder Trampoline with Enclosure by Vuly is considered to be the best family trampoline and is an amazing option for some idyllic family time.

This is a soft-edged trampoline fitted with highly durable leaf springs that give a fun, secure bounce.

The net is very sturdy and the frame is coated with rust-resistant powder, which ensures this trampoline will last you a good few years!

What Makes the Best Trampoline for Adults?

What Makes the Best Trampoline for Adults?We have gathered some data from the past purchases and came to a conclusion that some of the best trampolines designed for aged people such as gymnasts, athletes and fitness lovers will always have the following features in the trampoline they buy.

  • Ample jumping space can become a playing factor for a majority of the adults who are planning to make the purchase.
  • The shape of the trampoline becomes a critical feature to consider because it can be directly correlated with the goals and ambitions of the buyer, i.e. somebody who wants to buy a trampoline for gymnastics might need a lot of jumping space, therefore, choosing a rectangle trampoline might be the best option for him/her.
  • Sufficient padding to help avoid any pains and keep this sports injury free, having sufficient padding on the trampoline can make them safe to use. Therefore whenever you are making the purchase, be sure to look for the padding the trampoline is using.
  • Easy set-up and storage can be cumbersome while joining all the parts together. Having a step by step instruction manual and easy to assemble trampoline solutions have always been our top most priority, and we try our best to provide this information to make the assembly process easy and time-saving.

Buying The Best Trampoline Brand Is The Only Way To Go!

Below, is our “cheat sheet” which shows the most important features for some of the best trampoline brands sold on this website. Click on the trampoline name to visit the actual product page and see each trampoline’s full features.

Top-Rated Trampolines Reviews For 2021

A trampoline is one of the best ways of keeping your kids healthy and spending some quality family time. These playthings are available in a range of brands, designs, sizes, colors, and materials.

Our panel of experts has selected the top 8 trampolines that provide some desirable features— safety, affordability, and a great bouncing experience.

1. Zupapa 15-14-12 Ft TUV Trampoline

Coming in a variety of sizes, the Zupapa trampoline is among the most popular for a reason. It has a great balance of quality and price, remaining affordable while maintaining a high level of quality.

The “TUV” at the end means that it has been certified by TUV Nord, a highly respected European certification agency for sporting equipment, household appliances, toys, and DIY products. They are a very strict organization and it is not easy to get them to sign off on your products, so you know if you see that symbol that what you’re working with is the highest possible quality.

And quality is what you get from this German manufactured trampoline. Made of heavy duty galvanized steel, you’ll have very little worry about rusting. The legs are wide and bracket shaped to provide high levels of stability as well as attached to the safety net poles to add to the strength and prevent twisting due to regular use or weather patterns.

The springs are also made of heavy gauged galvanized steel and there are 108 of them on the 12 foot model as compared to 96 on most other trampolines.

Maybe the best part of this one is that when you order it, it comes with all of the accessories that you need to get going including a galvanized steel ladder, the net enclosure, and a rain cover. It shows up at your door in three boxes, which can be intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple to set up and requires very little work with tools.

While there is a lot to recommend this one, it does have a few problems. Perhaps the worst is that the customer service is absolutely awful. You probably won’t have to contact them, but if you do expect that it will be difficult to get ahold of anyone who has the authority to help you or even a response at times.

That being said, working through Amazon will give you the customer service cushion you need and deliver a great trampoline.

2. Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round TrampolineSkywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker is generally out front of trampoline technology, which is to say “safety” on most cases, and that is absolutely on display here. One of the safest and most fun trampolines on the market, the Skywalker 12-foot round is fantastic for families with one or two kids who will want to play at the same time.

Their mats are tightly woven for excellent strength and they have some of the best springs available, making each jump crisp. The materials are excellent and can stand up to the elements well, sometimes going for years without any significant damage other than fading.

One feature that often gets overlooked is the frame padding, which is really fantastic on this model. Thick and soft, I believe that unless you’re trying to jump on the metal, you won’t have to worry about serious injury hitting this or climbing on/off.

Another nice feature is that the safety net actually buttons to the frame so that your kids don’t accidentally slip underneath the net or the top of it doesn’t slide down and make it easy to vault over.

If there’s a significant drawback to the Skywalker 12-foot, it’s that it’s pretty difficult to put together. It doesn’t require a lot of tools, but the instructions are pretty poorly written and there are probably more parts than strictly necessary. I would almost rather it came in more boxes and had parts of it already assembled than have to put every little thing together myself.

3. Kangaroo Hoppers 15-Feet Round TrampolineKangaroo Hoppers 15-Feet Round Trampoline

If there’s one word to describe the Kangaroo Hopper’s 15-Foot Round, it would be “sleek.”

This trampoline looks like the kind of rebounder than James Bond would use, constructed of black, powder-coated galvanized steel.

The legs are actually bent to follow the curve of the frame, providing greater stability and eliminating the “hot spots” where a trampoline can become unbalanced by trying to get on at one of the cut off edges.

The springs are super strong and bouncy. Combined with a heavy duty mat that feels like it’s just bursting with potential energy, you can get some serious height with this one. The net enclosure is taut and seems ready to catch any wayward jumpers, plus it comes with a zipper door to provide easy access while ensuring maximum safety.

All of the metal has been treated to ensure that it can stay outside without rusting, and the materials that make up the frame pad and mat also seem to have been manufactured to be able to handle a wide range of temperatures and weather patterns.

In a wonderful change of pace, when I had to call customer service about a missing part, they were incredibly helpful, friendly, and shipped out a whole package of them the next day. I’ve even seen stories of people who had their trampoline damaged in a hurricane and the company sent them a brand new one for free! That’s a company that cares about its customers.

While the Kangaroo Hopper’s 15-Foot Round is a tad pricey for what you get, it’s absolutely worth the extra costs for a trampoline you can count on.

4. Skywalker Trampolines Square TrampolineSkywalker Trampolines Square Trampoline

While on the more expensive side of things, I still feel that Skywalker deserves two places on this list when you consider their square trampoline. While not as complex as their round version, there is a lot to recommend this one.

The entire frame is made of galvanized steel and treated for weather, plus it interlocks for easy assembly.

Each corner has a leg that caddies across it for the best possible stabilization, each extending upward to a safety enclosure pole that curves in on top to add just a little bit more comfort with the design.

The enclosure itself has no gaps so you don’t have to worry about somebody flying out of the one unprotected spot or that area opening up more over time. In fact, in most cases the square Skywalkers exceed ASTM safety standards.

The biggest problem with this model is that it doesn’t feel very secure. The bolts they send with it are just a little bit too long.

They are still strong and will stay put, but they allow the frame to jiggle when people are jumping on it. I don’t think it will result in any actual damage, but it can be nerve-wracking to watch your kids and see the whole thing move ever so slightly.

Moreover, the springs aren’t super impressive. They will get the job done, but for the price I would hope for more than just “adequate.”

5. Upper Bounce 15-Foot TrampolineUpper Bounce 15-Foot Trampoline

This rebounder by Upper Bounce is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for climates with rough winters.

Being able to easily take apart your trampoline and store it away can save you many headaches which is why it is one of our recommended models.

Important Specifications:

  • Easy assemble/disassemble feature
  • Jumping mat made of premium PP mesh with 8 row stitching
  • Premium 1″ thick foam spring cover with 450g PVC on top and 310g PE on bottom
  • Rust resistant galvanized double powder coated steel frame
  • 330 lb. weight capacity
  • 96 x 7.5″ springs
  • Safety enclosure

Besides just being easy to assemble and disassemble, this model is also made out of extremely high quality parts as well. The powder coated frame is extremely durable and rust resistant, and both the trampoline and the enclosure can be put together with no tools required.

The jumping mat on this model is made of a premium polypropylene mesh material with 8-row stitching to prevent tearing and lengthen the lifespan of the rebounder. The safety pad on this model contains foam that doesn’t soak in water or mildew, as well as never even lose its shape.

The safety enclosure netting is even made out of 100% premium Terylene mesh material that is extremely durable and weatherproof. You can buy this model in many different sizes such as 7.5, 12, 14, 15 and 16-Feet.

6. ExacMe 15-Foot TrampolineExacMe 15-Foot Trampoline

This ExacMe 15ft. trampoline received many great reviews because it feels sturdy and secure, and unlike many other models it actually has a high weight capacity.

All the parts seem to be very well made and you can tell that it will last for a long time.

Important Specifications:

  • Frame made of rust-resistant galvanized steel
  • 108 galvanized springs
  • PP jumping material
  • Safety net made of PE mesh netting
  • 6 W-shaped legs
  • 375 lb. weight capacity
  • Ladder

The 6 W-shaped legs give the rebounder 12 balanced contact points with the ground making it feel very safe and stable. Thanks to the 108 galvanized springs the bounce is extremely good as well.

Another good aspect of this rebounder is that it meets all of the ASTM, TUV, and GS quality and safety requirements. This helps because you know you have less to worry about when it comes to the well-being of your children.

7. Springfree 13-Foot Jumbo Square Trampoline
Springfree 13-Foot Jumbo Square Trampoline

If you want the safest trampoline for your kids (and don’t mind spending a little extra money), then you’ll have to get the Springfree 13ft jumbo square trampoline.

Springrfree considers this to be “the world’s safest trampoline”, and the consumer reviews seem to agree.

Important Specifications:

  • Double powder coated galvanized steel frame
  • Flexible fiberglass rods (no springs)
  • Flexible safety enclosure
  • Hands free webbing on enclosure
  • 330 lb. weight capacity
  • Flexible basketball hoop
  • UV resistant polypropylene nets & mats
  • Surface area of 16 ft. trampoline with springs
  • Safe ladder

There are many common injuries associated with jumping on a trampoline, and while some brands do their best to prevent them – there’s only so much they can do. This forces many parents to avoid trampolines altogether. To fix this problem, Springfree decided to come out with its own patented design that eliminates as many of those common injuries as possible.

While most rebounders use dangerous metal springs, the Springfree jumbo trampoline uses flexible fiberglass rods. These flexible rods are positioned below the outside ring of the mat and connect to the galvanized steel frame.

To ensure the trampoline will last for many years to come, the steel frame is double powder coated and even waxed on the inside. It’s also located far below the mat and is completely out of harm’s way.

Because Springfree trampolines have no need for foam padding, they come with their own SoftEdge mat. This mat is 30 times more shock absorbent than regular foam padding and is built to last much longer. This is thanks to the simple idea of covering the stitching on the mat with yellow webbing.

The last and most impressive feature of this rebounder is the Flexinet. This safety enclosure is so flexible that you can actually jump up against it and bounce right back. This is achieved by using (once again) flexible fiberglass rods instead of the traditional steel poles.

8. Skywalker 15-Foot Round TrampolineSkywalker 15-Foot Round Trampoline

The Skywalker 15-foot round trampoline is the best-selling model on Amazon by far, and for good reason too.

It’s extremely well built and comes with a top-of-the-line safety enclosure that will last you for many years if properly taken care of.

The Skywalker Trampolines 15 feet is known for being affordable as well as safe which makes it the top choice if you are on a budget and yet want the best.

One of the most important features of the trampoline is the safety enclosure. Skywalker has done a commendable job when it comes to the attachment of the jumping mat with the enclosure.

It is observed that for trampolines with enclosures there is always a gap between the bottom of the enclosure and the top of the jumping mat, but there is no such gap in this product.

Important Specifications:

  • Stay-put enclosure that interlocks to the jumping mat
  • Patented button-hole feature which eliminates gaps between the safety net and rebounder
  • Enclosure netting made of polyethylene for better durability and UV protection
  • 96 x 6 ½” rust-resistant springs
  • Extra thick spring pad
  • 200 lb. weight capacity
  • Frame made of 16 gauge galvanized rust-resistant steel
  • 6 W-shaped legs
  • Reinforced T-sockets connect the enclosure to the frame

Just by reading the consumer reviews of this Skywalker trampoline, you will begin to see why it’s so popular. Everything is built to last and it’s even extremely simple to put together. The safety net on this model works better than most thanks to their patented design which interlocks the netting to the mats v-rings. This eliminates the gaps for kids to fall through – making it much safer to jump on.

Thanks to the 96 springs which are 6 ½ inches long there is plenty of bounce which is essential for a great trampoline. You can buy this model in red, blue, green and camo as well as choose between different sizes such as 8, 10 and 12-feet.

How We Choose Our Trampoline

Here are some of the most important things we investigated and considered before purchasing our new trampoline. We reviewed and compared features to ensure we were buying the right unit.

Buying Guide

There is a wide range of trampoline sizes. Home-use trampolines generally range in size from six-foot to 17-foot in diameter. Of course, we wanted the biggest bang for our buck here, but we had to measure the yard space we had available first, making sure to leave ample leeway on all sides.

We wanted to buy a big model, but we couldn’t cram a 17-foot trampoline into the small space we allotted. My rule of thumb is that you need at least 5-10 feet clearance on all sides of the trampoline. Moreover, you need head clearance. I wanted our yard to have a vertical clearance of 25 feet infinity for absolute safety.

When determining which size was best for our yard, I made sure to check for out buildings, fences, poles, power lines and any other impediments that may be potential hazards.

There are smaller sizes available to accommodate limited space, but you need to make sure the size and model you select is the best trampoline for all the members of your family.

Other Important Features to Consider

Important Features to ConsiderOnce you have decided on the size and shape, then you need to consider these important features to make sure you get the best trampoline possible for your money.

Failure to consider these features could cause you to waste money and possibly risk the safety of you or your children.


Good quality springs are extremely important and will determine the lifespan and the bounce of your trampoline. To determine the balance of a trampoline you will need to figure out the number of springs as well as their length that a particular model has.

A high quality rebounder should have a spring length of at least 6 to 6 ½ inches long or else it will have very little bounce. This is often a sign of a weak frame as well. Since longer springs mean more stress on the frame due to the bigger bounce, you will often see more cheaply made models with short springs because of this.

Weight Limit

Make sure to take into account the weight of all the people that will be jumping on the trampoline before ever making a purchase. Going over the maximum weight capacity could lead to many problems which will cause the lifespan of your rebounder to end early.

Frame Quality

Having a high quality frame is essential when looking for the best trampoline possible. Since the framing is what holds the whole rebounder together it is probably the most important feature to take into consideration. You need to check to see if the frame on the model you’re wanting to buy is welded and if so you need to look at the quality of the weld.

If the weld is rough and patchy and looks very unprofessionally done then I would definitely stay away from that model. Bad welding on a frame means that it is very weak and it could even cut anyone that rubs against it. I would personally recommend getting a frame that uses T-bar joints because it requires less welding if any at all. T-bar frames are usually very strong and can typically hold more weight than any other type of framework.

Safety Features

Safety should be your number one priority when buying a trampoline for your kids. These important features will help greatly reduce the risk of injury of anyone jumping on the rebounder.

  • Padding – Make sure the padding isn’t made out of a cheap tarp material that you typically find in a home improvement store. Instead get padding that is made of PVC or polyethylene (PE) to ensure that it last for at least 2 to 3 years
  • Enclosure – Having a safety enclosure will make it so that your kids won’t be able to fall off the trampoline and injure themselves. You want to make sure the foam railings aren’t covered with that cheap tarp material as well if you can.
  • Anchor Kit – Keeps the trampoline connected to the ground and makes it so that a big gust of wind is never able to pick it up and move it. This ensures that the rebounder doesn’t get damaged and neither does anything else nearby. Depending on where you live this might be essential.

Don’t Forget The Ladder

Since I had a toddler, I had to consider a ladder. My older girl wouldn’t need it, but Jackie would.

Trampolines Ladder

Ladders enable easy access to and egress from the trampoline platform. More importantly, removing the ladder between uses keeps young children from getting on the trampoline without adult supervision.

A Lower Enclosure?

A lower enclosure prevents pets and people from going under the trampoline. It also keeps balls, other objects and debris from accumulating beneath the jumping surface.

Children and pets may be injured by going underneath the trampoline while it’s in use and objects beneath the jumping mat can injure users. This was an easy one for me.

After feeling a bit reluctant to spring for these extras, I finally bought into the idea hook and sinker. Safety is paramount.

Choosing the Right Size

Making sure you get the right size of a trampoline is extremely important. You want to make sure not to get a rebounder too big if it’s meant for small children nor one too small if it’s meant for bigger kids.

You also want to consider your kids growing up and outgrowing the particular sized model you get them.

Before you ever go shopping or reading trampoline reviews you want to look at the layout of your backyard first. The size of your rebounder needs to fit perfectly on a flat surface so everything is stable.

If it leans on any side then it will make jumping more difficult and it could harm the trampoline over time as well.

Make sure you will have about a yard of the clear ground around the edges as well as around 8 yards of clearance overhead. Make sure everything around the trampoline is perfectly safe if anyone ever happens to fall off to avoid unnecessary injury.

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