Ideas To Help You Landscape Your Backyard

For those who don’t know where to start, the idea of just starting a backyard landscape project is daunting.

If you’re good at DIY projects, it’s a good idea to start your backyard landscaping project.

Even if you’re not the one that’s going to do the landscaping, you probably have some great ideas and should share them with your landscape design architect or landscape engineer.

There are plenty of resources for you to get ideas from including, magazines, neighbors pictures you find online or pretty much anywhere else you may think of.

Ideas for landscaping are everywhere just take the time to look around you and think about it.

Creating a Great Multi Purpose Garden Wall

multipurpose-garden-wallWhen used for landscaping, walls are not necessarily high and insurmountable. In most cases, using walls for landscaping is a great idea in that they can serve as a multi-purpose project In that if they are built at the right height they can be used as a bench as well as a retaining wall for your garden. They also make great dividers for flower beds. Landscaping block Walls can be great backyard landscaping ideas especially if your backyard is large enough. These can be decorative as well as functional.

Decks And Patios

decks and patios

Decks and patios are an awesome place to hang out and relax during those nice quiet warm summer evenings. There is nothing more relaxing than staying out in your deck or patio to look at the stars or to enjoy a balmy night. When designing a deck there are countless design options.

A pretty cool idea is to make wooden decks with built in bars. One of those with a nice glass of wine in hand sitting next to the person you love on a beautiful warm starry night is a very romantic thought.

Stones And Rocks For Landscaping

stones and rocks for landscapingMany great ideas for landscaping involve the use of rocks and stones. There are numerous different kinds of stones and rocks for landscaping and they come in many different styles, colors, textures and uses. You can choose your preferences from the variety as well as see what goes well with what.

Many landscape design architects and engineers have recommendations of their own regarding which kind of stones and rocks to use for your backyard landscaping project.

Ideas for landscaping using stones and rocks can be used in a myriad of ways. Your imagination is your only limit. In some cases your budget as well though, lol.

Landscaping Water Fixtures

landscaping water fixturesLandscaping water fixtures are wonderful ideas for creating an ambient atmosphere in your backyard. Landscaping water fixtures consist of fountains, waterfalls, ponds and swimming pools.

Lots of people really go for ideas for landscaping with water fixtures because it adds to the ambiance of the area. Depending on how big your area is you can also adjust the size of your water fixture. You can even look at landscaping pools drawings to help you bring to realization the look you are after.


Many ideas for landscaping come from homeowners themselves with the help of landscape design architects and engineers. A collaboration of both the homeowner and the landscape design architect will result in a beautiful landscape that is a treasure to entertain in as well as a place of solitude and peace.

By Colleen

I'm your average, everyday kind of gardener; I learned from trial and error and reading magazines; gardening for many years. ....Since I was about 23 and a first-time homeowner. I’m also a working mom with a wonderful husband. We keep busy with our yard and garden, and also the visits from our 6 grown children and other family and friends that we entertain on the weekends.

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