Make the Most of your Flower Boxes

Want to decorate a deck or porch. Highlight a window? Spice up a balcony or fence rail? Consider planting flower boxes to create mini-gardens that are sure to add color and personal style to your home.

FG_FlowerBox_Gardening_1Think about achieving maximum visual appeal with your flower boxes. Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of planting just a few flowers in a row. Flower boxes will look best and will attract compliments when they’re abundant, bountiful and lush.

When planting a flower box, consider using various colors, different heights and textures to create visual impact.  Think in layers from back to front using taller plants in the back, shorter fuller plants in the middle and shorter blooms or even trailers overflowing the box in front. Experiment and try new things in different combinations.

Digging in

Soil-less mixes are recommended, particularly for flower boxes that are to be suspended. A soil-less mix will help to avoid overly waterlogged boxes that may become too heavy and eliminates the need for using stones at the bottom for drainage.

Better still, a soil-less mix encourages the plants to grow to provide better aeration for the roots and good drainage, while retaining necessary moisture. Slow-release and water-soluble fertilizer will also help your box plantings to thrive.

FG_FlowerBox_Gardening_2To plant, start in the back center and work your way out, then the middle, then the front  Make the hole a little larger than the roots.  Remove the plant from its container and loosen the roots, place the plant in the hole and fill it with soil.  Gently firm and level out the soil, and finally, water thoroughly.

Watering and Care

Regular watering is essential for plants exposed to full sunny days. Water frequently throughout the hot summer months. Water until you see water dripping from the bottom of the box. You can add a layer of mulch to the top to help flowers retain moisture. Pinch off and remove dead and decaying flowers and leaves to keep up appearances and to eliminate possible soil contamination from bacteria.

Flower boxes are an ideal way to grow your favorite flowers and a decorative way to add splashes of color to your outdoor life.

By Colleen

I'm your average, everyday kind of gardener; I learned from trial and error and reading magazines; gardening for many years. ....Since I was about 23 and a first-time homeowner. I’m also a working mom with a wonderful husband. We keep busy with our yard and garden, and also the visits from our 6 grown children and other family and friends that we entertain on the weekends.

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